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Started in 2015 to assist my colleagues with invaluable short guides and tricks which none of us can remember :). This wiki covers a huge range of technologies such as Hadoop, Unix/Linux, Databases and many others. For WebSphere Application Server admins there is also a decoder/encoder page which can be used to decode or encode passwords. Over 25 hadoop,linux and cloud specialists contribute to this wiki.

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FIMI X8 Wiki  

Founded in 2014 and quickly becoming part of the Xiaomi brand, Fimi has become a credible competitor in the camera drone market. Fimi's most noteable drones have been the 1080p, the 4K, the A3 and most recently the X8 SE. This Wiki has largely been produced by many of the members of the RCGroups forum who own and operate these drones. The wiki aims to add the extras that the manual can't cover.

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