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JP Cloud

JP Cloud Wiki

Started in 2015 to assist my colleagues with invaluable short guides and tricks which none of us can remember :). This wiki covers a huge range of technologies such as Hadoop, Unix/Linux, Databases and many others. For WebSphere Application Server admins there is also a decoder/encoder page which can be used to decode or encode passwords. Over 25 hadoop,linux and cloud specialists contribute to this wiki.


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Home Brew Wiki

The perfect gift in early 2020 turned out to be my first homebrew kit - Young's Red India Ale - and after a few weeks and a lot of reading this first kit was bubbling away. It's not easy to find all the information you need but the Home Brew Wiki will hopefully answer all your questions. Everything in the wiki is based on real brewing experience and hopefully you will find some useful tips that will help get the most out of your kit.